Gate Automation Cape Town

Do you want to have more control over the security features of your home? Well, you can opt for gate automation cape town to get this idea realized. You can control your gateways using the automation system. We can try out automated gates to get the best features in them. 

We are continuously trying to provide our customers with the best solution to their security issues. We are ensuring that our customers are getting the best-looking gates at their premises. Hence, you can try our best-automated gates and ensure more security of your house. 

Benefits of our automated gates

  • More value to your property: you can easily impress your buyers after installing our automation gates. These gates are generally you can observe in modern homes. Hence, you can sell your home at a very higher price after installing our automated gates. 
  • Maintain privacy: sometimes neighbors can enter your place without informing you. This would break your private moments so you can maintain the complete privacy of your place after installing our gates.
  • Enhance security: we provide the best security features for our gates. Hence, you will get informed if some security breach incidents take place at your home. You can easily avoid such incidents by getting instant notifications through the system. 
  • Get an aesthetic look: after installing our gates at your premises, you can create the best look for your place. We specially focus on the designs of our gates and ensure you will get the best gates from our end. 

Why us? 

We, Viper Fence, are the well-established fencing company at this location. We are handling our business since 2003 and we know the best procedure for proving you with the best gates. You can trust us for your quality material. 

Finally, you can check our website to get a detailed view of the automation gates that we have instated previously. 

our products

Vibrafence we provide all types of perimeter security such as palisade fencing, steel bar fencing, wire fencing, vibracrete walls, driveway gates and pedestrian gates. Gate automation, garage automation and intercom systems are also installed by Vibrafence.

Palisade fencing

Palisade fencing is a cost effective type of steel perimeter fencing that is strong and looks good and is probably the
most popular type of fencing used currently.

Bar fencing

Square tubing or bar fencing is the more traditional type of steel fencing that is still very popular because it looks very good and is just a strong as palisade fencing.

Vibracrete walls

Vibracrete walls are popular for the for the sides and the back of properties and can also be used for the front perimeter of the property. Decorative balustrade type!


Balustrades for brick walls are also manufactured by us. We can also provide you with contact details for reputable
builders to build your brick walls.

Wood infill gates

Wood or Nutec infill gates and balustrades are very popular for more privacy. We normally use high quality Meranti

Pool fencing

Swimming pool fences that are safe and strong are manufactured by us and the gates are fitted with self-closing springs and gate catches! Read more about our products!

Square bar fence

Square steel fence and driveway gate. Our fences includes palisade fences, steel bar fences, nutek fences and balustrades, wire fencing & more!

sliding driveway gate

Square steel driveway gate with “doggy bars”. Gate automation, garage automation and intercom systems are also installed by Vibrafence


This is probably the most effective wall spike available. It is 270mm high and very difficult to climb over.


Palisade fencing on top of low walls is an effective way to make the boundary wall more secure.


Nutek infill balustrades are very popular and an affordable alternative to wood. Read more about our products.


Example of a galvanised only VIPER spike palisade fence and gate. Read more about our products.